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Coronavirus, flu cases slightly increased, says EODY weekly report

Positivity in both coronavirus and flu cases increased over the past week, February 20-26, Greece’s National health Care organization EODY announced in its weekly epidemiological report on Thursday.

Positivity of all tested samples for Covid-19 saw a small increase, as did the rate of hospital admissions and intubations.

There were a total of 85 Covid-related deaths. Median age of deceased was 85 years.

95 Covid-patients are intubated in the country’s hospitals.

Regarding influenza, only one serious case requiring admission to an ICU was recorded during the week.

From the start of the flu season, a total of 65 people have been admitted to ICUs, and 21 deaths confirmed so far.

For the week of Feb. 20-26, a total of 290 new cases were recorded, most of them (95.5%) of influenza type A.

Flu-like illnesses increased during the week in specific age groups: 0-4 and 5-14 years of age.

Cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) declined during the week.

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