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Ex bishop Amvrosios: Train crash “God’s punishment for Carnival”

A former bishop, in fact a godless man full of hate, Amvrosios of Kalavryta, blamed the victims of the train crash, claiming it was God’s punishment for the Carnival celebrations.
“The tragedy in Tempi could be our Lord expressing rage for the 3-day Carnival celebrations” in Greece, he claimed in a post full of hatred for the young victims. Carnival is “the Devil’s feast” said the former bishop who had in the past been supportive of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, a “hunter” of migrants, refugees and homosexuals, once also convicted for hate speech.

At a time when relatives are burying their own people, at a time when society is seething asking for accountability and no cover-up, the “religious shepherd” found the explanation for the tragedy: The death of so many young people is nothing more than God’s punishment

In a post on a religious website, Amvrosios argued that this punishment came after the “celebratory Carnival of the Devil”, where sin and debauchery abound and anger God who decides to take the lives of young people to teach us a lesson .

In addition he claimed that Greece is turning into a country of atheists and magicians and, by extension, into a country with devil’s parties, as rights are given to homosexuals, young people are “indefensible”, even some politicians live together without being married and in general society is moving away from the “way of God.”

“The Devil celebrates his …conquests! And the Devil’s crowning achievement is the THREE DAYS OF HALLOWEEN, the three days of the Carnival,” Amvrosios wrote, among others in his despicable text, in an obvious effort to disorient the faithful in the country..

“Obscurantism and far-right perception do not stop breeding hatred even for the victims of the greatest tragedy,” commented daily tanea, describing the ex bishop’s statement as obscene and shameful, provocative and hypocritical.

The majority of the 57 victims were at 80% young people below 30 years old, returning home or to their universities after a long weekend marking the end of Carnival and the start of Lent before Easter.

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  1. Shame on you!

  2. It is unbelievable what this person is saying!!! I’m speechless!!! He should rotten in hell!!!

  3. This is hate speech and should be treated like that by the courts.

    If there is such thing as a Judgement Day, he will be in for a rude surprise.

  4. Is Bishop Amvrosios really an . . “ungodly” man ? !
    Or rather a staunch Orthodox Christian ?

    That is the question .

    And what about the repulsive neo-“greek” – anonymous coward – writer- of the article ?
    Is himself a ‘godly” Christian then , or rather dipped in immoral FILTH up to his neck , along with his “family” ?

    And finally would he kindly inform us if the “innocent” Carnival which takes place ,
    precisely in defiance of the Holy Lent is an ANTI-Christian “tradition”
    of Christian mockery – and with few exceptions- as a celebration of the most diabolical low urges in human being ,
    is in accordance with the Orthodox Church of Christ ?

    • And you also are quite mad. There is religion and then there are fanatics who use God to scare people and make them believe in the utter tripe and hateful rhetoric that they spout.

    • I would say use your brain before you write a comment like this BUT you have no brain!!! You should rotten in hell too!!!

  5. Superstitious gobbledegook.

  6. Well done KTG for saving me the trouble of writing a polemic against this abomination of godliness.
    As for George Tziattas: do you relly believe in what you have written or are you playing devil’s advocate?