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Riot Police attacks peaceful protesters, truck races through crowd (videos)

Videos shows riot police attacking peaceful protesters, among them elderly, with batons and tear gas in downtown Athens as thousands of Greeks march expressing their rage for the train collision and demanding justice for the victims and not cover-up.

Video via Peacefull protesters march towards Syntagma Square chanting slogans, riot police squads attack them without an obvious reason.

According to lSYRIZA-affiliated left-wing newspaper, the unprovoked attack by the riot police was aiming to disperse the march and triggered violent clashes with some of the protesters who turned main avenues in Athens into battlefields.

Another video shows a riot policeman hitting a young woman on the face with his shield.

In a third video a police tow truck racing at high speed and with dangerous manœuvreσ through a crow of protesters and moving cars on Akadimias Avenue.

A second video from the scene shows how the police kamikaze hitting garbage bins, throwing a man on the ground.

Citing police sources, ANT1 reports that the police vehicle tried to prohibit protesters from blocking the street with garbage bins and “attack the police driver of the truck.”

The video has triggered an outrage among opposition parties and the society on social media.

PS It looks that there are mind readers among police officers and we are sure the Minister for Citizen Protection will launch internal investigation for locate the police brutalos – as always.

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