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Sea water leaks into Piraeus Metro; prosecutor intervenes

Sea water leaked in the Metro in Piraeus, stagnant water, in addition to the stench, soon began to cause intense oxidation to various metal elements of the Metro railway infrastructure, just months after its inauguration in November       2022.

This was reported by a group of independent journalists over the weekend and triggered the intervention by the Supreme Court prosecutor, Isidoros Dogiakos on Monday, daily reported.

“There was an inflow of water into a tunnel of the metro line from the port of Piraeus and in particular between the Piraeus and Municipal Theater stations, while at the same time, another 390 damages and failures,” reported.

“The influx of sea water into the railway tunnel located between Piraeus and Municipal Theater stations made its presence felt for the first time shortly after the opening, in November 2022, through a strong stench,” the journalists stressed.

Prosecutor Dogiakos ordered the Athens District Attorney’s Office to conduct a preliminary investigation against everyone responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the project on the Piraeus metro line.

Initially, technicians of the managing company STASY (Fixed Transport) thought that it was a leak from some network of dirt that passes through the area, but the stagnant water, in addition to the stench, soon began to cause intense oxidation in various metal elements of the railway infrastructure, on rails , sleepers, track changes, etc., while after monitoring the problem, additional failures even in the concreting emerged.

“Attiko Metro”: Absolutely reliable and safe extension to Piraeus

Responding to reports, “Attiko Metro” noted on Monday that “the section of the tunnel in the area of the “Piraeus” station, in which small water leaks in the form of “spills” recently appeared, was constructed in the summer of 2017.

The project was delivered for use to STASY SA on 07. October 2022.

Before the start of operation of the section of the extension of Line 3 of the “Maniatika – Piraeus – Municipal Theater” Metro, neither leaks had ever been observed in this section nor oxidation on the tracks and all the measurements carried out were within the permissible limits, the company said in a statement..

They appeared after the start of the operation and immediately Attiko Metro SA. requested the contractor, through successive letters, to take the required corrective actions.

It is pointed out that the International Specifications for the construction of Metro tunnels do not exclude the possible, limited extent, presence of moisture, while at the same time the “Piraeus” station is watertight.

The issue of leaks in the tunnel has been effectively dealt with and operations have already been carried out to remove any oxidation and corrosion on the rails, which in any case did not pose problems for the functionality and safety of the Metro.

Today, the rail and the electrified track have been fully restored, without any new leaks or reappearance of oxidation, attiko Metro underlined.

As for the rest, any damages reported by STA.SY. S.A. are not unusual in the commissioning of such complex projects as the Metro, they are insignificant and are dealt with as quickly as possible by the Consortium Contractor, within the framework of the Project’s guarantee, under the supervision of Attiko Metro SA. and do not create any security problem in the operation of the system.

The project of the extension of the Metro in Piraeus is completely reliable and safe, contrary to what is mentioned in the relevant publications, A.T. added.

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