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Athens Metro, ISAP and Tram workers on 24h strike, March 28

Workers at Athens Metro, urban train ISAP and the Tram will launch a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The strike will affect all fixed-track public transport means in Athens, including metro lines 2 and 3 (Athens-Airport) as well as 1 (ISAP train Piraeus-Kifissia).

The umbrella union of fixed-track transport SELMA said in a statement on Friday, (March 24) that the strike is in protest over the lack of personnel, equipment and spare parts.
The union  underlined that the strike is a “warning” one, implying that more could follow.
SELMA pointed out that while it serves 1,5 million passengers daily essential means are missing and listed among others:

– Lack of 847 Employees: Drivers, Technicians, Station Masters and specialized Railway Staff.

– Lack of new trains and spare parts of the trains and materials of the railway infrastructure of the network.

– Non-observance of the agreed.

They noted that “we confront them with their responsibilities and it would be of particular interest for the GOVERNMENT officials to answer us if the workers’ requests are completely legal and fair or if they will once again take the pity on themselves and consider us unfair and illegals who claim to secure the passenger public through our strike.”

The union added that the deadly train collision at Tempi last month exposed the consequences of the privatization drive and anti-labor policies across Europe.

The union expressed also their solidarity with ongoing pension protests in France.
Note that there is a work stoppage of metro workers in Athens on Friday, March 24.

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