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12-year-old sex-trafficking victim attacked and injured in her home

The 12-year-old girl that was raped and pimped by a 53-year-old man was injured in a knife attack in the home where she lives with her aunt and a younger brother, her lawyer revealed on Monday.

In a different statement, the mother of the 12-year-old victim points out that the aim of these threatening actions – three in total over the past few days – is to intimidate the girl so that she does not give any other evidence to authorities.

The 12-year-old victim of pimping in Kolomos district of Athens was attacked inside her aunt’s house. The unknown assailant threatened her with a knife and injured her in the arm.

According to the lawyers, the girl was alone at home when a masked man broke into the house and wielding a knife threatened and beat her.

“An unidentified man, who had covered his face and wore shoe covers, attempted to enter through the door. The girl closed the door, but the man managed to attack the girl with a knife and injured her arm. The girl shouted loudly and resisted, resulting in the man fleeing the scene,” said a release by the girl’s legal team.

The statement also said that the girl’s younger brother had been threatened on the street and was urged to stay quiet, while also pointing out that a few days ago someone threw a rock through the children’s bedroom window.

“The danger is obvious, as is the threat to remain quiet. Six months after the revelations about the torture the 12-year-old had to suffer, the state has left her completely defenseless, at the mercy of those that took advantage of her,” stated the release, and called for increased security measures for the two children.

The girl was taken to hospital where she was examined by a doctor. According to her lawyers, there is no risk to her health.

With the mother in custody on alleged charges as accomplice to the victim’s pimping, the 12 year-old girl has been living with her aunt.

In a statement through her lawyer, the mother stressed that “the threats aim to hinder the girl from testifying or that those already in prison want to intimidate her.”

It is worth noting that a few days ago, the investigator of the case had rejected an application by the girl’s lawyers to submit new evidence for the case.

On Tuesday, the lawyers said they will submit an new application.

On social media, Greeks lash out at the Minister for Social Issues who had disclosed the girl’s supposedly safe location during a speech at the Parliament.

The state, in contrast to the “usual initial promises” has failed big to protect the victim and to support her psychologically, the legal team has often denounced.

The case, disclosed in October  2022, has led some 12 men to prison, so far, while information spoke of some 213 clients with whom the girl was forced to have sex  with. The pimp, a ‘respected family man’ in the girl’s neighborhood had close ties with the ruling New Democracy and loved to take selfies with prominent members.

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  1. Totally unbelievable!! The poor girl (and her brother!) is a CHILD!! How come the society cant protect them?? And the mother (if she is guilty) I have no words to express the pure hate I feel against these inhuman creatures that take advantage of a defensless young girl…. A child should NEVER have to experience something like this, it is going to harm her (and her brother) for life…. SHAME!!