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Pensioners flock downtown Athens demanding pension increase

Pensioners flocked to downtown Athens on Tuesday to demand an increase in their pensions in order to cope with the rising cost of living.

The crowd of demonstrators gathered at the Ministry of Labor on Stadiou Street on Tuesday morning and marched to the Prime Minister’s office, where they met strong police forces.

“Price hikes steals our pension and our lives” reads the banner of the Athens and Piraeus OAEE Pensioners Union.

The protest was organized by the enterpreneurs pensioners union OAEE and it was joined by many employees pensioners’ unions, including of the lawyers and of the public sectors.

According to media, a delegation of pensioners met with the Secretary of the Political Committee of New Democracy.

They handed over a long list of demands including:

Increases in all pensions in line with inflation and a minimum pension at 80% of the minimum wage.
Payment of the 13th and 14th pension and, in particular, the Easter pension.
Direct payment of retrospectives to all pensioners, without courts and prerequisites.
Integration of the personal difference in the pensions paid to all pensioners.
Widow’s pensions to be paid all (old and new) under the 2019 legislation.
Recruitment of medical-nursing personnel in the health units and in the social security fund EFKA.

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