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Part of classroom ceiling collapses in Volos primary school

Part of the ceiling in a primary school in Volos collapsed and crushed on the the teacher’s desk and the pupil’s desk. It was pure time coincidence that nobody was injured.

According to local media, the incident occurred in a classroom of the 18th primary school just when the bell rang for the end of the break and pupils were returning to the class.

The English teacher who had had just left the room to make photocopies while the children were at the stairs.

According to the report, cracks have also opened in other parts of the building, while a similar incident occurred a few years ago. Locals speak of a ‘tragic state of public buildings in Volos.

Window falls during university class – Volos March 27, 2023

However, the problem is not limited to Volos. Collapses of roof ceilings in education facilities have been reported several times in recent weeks.

Lucky students at Iraklio high-shool as the window fell not inside the classroom but outside. March 31, 2023

 Κατέρρευσε τμήμα οροφής αμφιθεάτρου στο Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών / ΦΩΤΟ

Ceiling collapses in Patras university – February 6, 2023

Ceiling collapses in the corridor of TEFAA university Athens – March 19, 2023



A high-school in Vyronas suburb of Athens has been closed for two weeks due to the grave and dangerous situation of the building.

Κλείνει για δύο εβδομάδες το 1ο Γυμνάσιο – 1ο Λύκειο Βύρωνα λόγω πτώσης  σοβάδων | Βύρωνας.gr

Σοβάδες στα σχολεία: Κλειστό μέχρι νεοτέρας το 1ο Γυμνάσιο και 1ο Λύκειο  Βύρωνα | Alfavita

Greeks are right to say “we are alive out of pure luck.”

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