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Data Protection authority probes leak of alleged rape victim’s name and other data

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA)on Thursday announced the launch of an investigation into a possible breach of the privacy rights of a woman who has accused a Greek member of the European Parliament of beating and raping her.

The HDPA decision follows the publication of the victim’s name, pictures and other personal data by several media outlets and websites and their reproduction on social media.

The woman’s name and private information was published after April 17, when Belgian authorities notified the European Parliament of the accusations of criminal actions against SYRIZA-MEP Alexis Georgoulis, asking for lifting of his immunity following a complaint filed by the victim.

Georgoulis vehemently denies the allegations, however, he was forced to resign and was canceled from SYRIZA,

HDPA said it will examine if the laws on the protection of personal data have been violated and consider issuing a gag order against media using this data. The investigation comes after a complained was filed with the authority.

The authority  also asks media and websites to remove, retroactively, any  information that identifies the victim.

PS Many people on social media see behind the publication of the victim’s data attempts to scare off other victims from speak out, especially when the alleged abuser is a famous personality.

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