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Greece deploys transport aircraft for evacuation of Greeks and Cypriots from Sudan

Two military transport aircraft C-130 and C-27j left Greece on Sunday afternoon for Egypt in the context of the operation to rescue Greek but also Cypriot citizens from the civil war in Sudan, a total of 120-150 citizens wanting to leave the country.

Earlier today, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had announced that together with  Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ it was decided to relocate Air Force aircraft and members of the army’s Special Forces to Egypt  to participate in a potential operation to rescue Greek and Cypriot citizens that remain trapped in Sudan.

Dendias stressed that the top priority is the safe rescue of the Greek citizens that are in Sudan noting that the government remains in close cooperation with its partners and allies.

He also explained that Cypriot citizens are also included in the Greek citizens rescue list.

The Foreign Ministry is in close contact with the other EU state members in case of a possible rescue operation of the European citizens and said that he will raise the issue as a matter of top priority, on Monday morning at the EU Foreign Affairs Council that will be held in Luxembourg.

According to Skai TV, the evacuation of Greeks and Cypriots will take place through Djibouti where the French transfer evacuees from several countries, including Greeks. The Greek transport aircraft will reportedly remain in Egypt, until a sufficient number of Greeks ( and Cypriots) are in Djibouti where they will fly and transport them back to their countries.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters,  there were Greek citizens in the French convoy in Sudan that allegedly has been hit are not confirmed, according to Reuters.

At the same time, at another part of Sudan, in the capital Khartoum 4 citizens of Sudan and the Metropolitan of Nubia Savvas attempted to leave Khartoum but fell into a firefight and returned back where they are safe, the same sources said.

Already the USA, Italy, Spain, France, are among the countries that they have started to evacuate their citizens via the Pport of Sudan, some 500 miles away from capital Khartum

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