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Human bones, scull found in collapsed wall of old house in central Greece

Creepy findings in central Greece: Human bones and a scull found in the collapsed wall of an old house.

The bones and the scull were found in the village of Evangelismos by Larissa on Sunday morning.

The old house is being rented as warehouse by a local man.

According to local website onlarissa.gr, the macabre findings were found by the 42-year-old tenant, when a wall of the building fell due to age.

He immediately called the police.

According to the preliminary estimation by authorities, the bones belong to a person who lived in the distant past and for this reason they will not be examined by the forensic service of Larissa, but will be transferred to a forensic anthropologist in Athens.

Along with the bones, a metal object was found which is assumed to have previously existed in the body, possible a blame placed by a doctor to fix some injury.

The mayor of Tempi Giorgos Manolis said that “the bones have been sent to the forensic service and they will probably go to Athens to the anthropologist to see the age and the year the event happened. It was heard that a medical tool was found, it’s not a medical tool, but a blade found in the bones probably from an operation.”

Another version according to Manolis is that the bones were brought home by relatives, as was the case in earlier times.

Some media reported that the human remains belonged to a woman.

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