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Golden Dawn squads raid exhibition of North Macedonian artist

Hit squads of neo-Nazi criminal organization and former party in Greek Parliament Golden Dawn raided an exhibition of artist Sergej Andreevsky from North Macedonia in Kalamaria by Thessaloniki on Wednesday afternoon.

Wearing hoods and having their faces covered, they hang ribbons on the paintings and threw leaflets with nationalistic content terrorizing the artist, his assistants and visitors.

With the help of his assistants, the horrified Andreevsky and his crew rushed to take down the exhibition objects and remove the advertising posters,media report.

In a video the neo-Nazis uploaded, they address the artist in English to the artist,accused him of “Macedonia propaganda” as well as the mayor of Kalamaria of “unacceptable tolerance.”

They reiterated the known slogan “Macedonia is and will remain Greek,” even though the issue was settled with the Prespes Agreement under SYRIZA and later Mitsotakis governments.

According to a report by MEGA TV, police said it was informed on Thursday morning about the incident. No detentions were made, of course.

Local media notes that what is weird is that the police station is “a breath” away from the exhibition facility.

Prosecutor intervenes

By order of the head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office an urgent preliminary investigation has been launched in order to identify the perpetrators and assign the prescribed criminal responsibilities.

The offenses being investigated are reportedly those “of unlawful racially motivated violence, complicity, and incitement to commit crimes, violence or discord.”

The investigation was assigned to the Racist Violence Department of the Thessaloniki Police Department. Material posted by the perpetrators on the internet will be sought, while the organizers of the exhibition and all those who have knowledge of the incident will be invited to testify.

North Macedonia summons Greek ambassador

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia has announced it has summoned the Greek ambassador in Skopje on Thursday.

The Foreign Ministry of Greece’s north neighbor expects safety measures as well as the identification and the persecution of the perpetrators.

Golden Dawn hit-squads background

It should be noted that dozens of members of Golden Dawn, including high-ranking now former members of the Greek Parliament have been sent to jail for forming a criminal organization, following the murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

Hit-squads of GD were terrorizing, beating, injuring and even killing migrants. After the convictions by court, the hit-squads disappeared form the streets, but now they are back using a different ‘narrative’, the Macedonia issue and thus in Macedonia, northern Greece, as former vice president Ilias Kasidiaris aims to enter the Parliament in the general elections.

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  1. How come these neo-NAZIS never dare to show their face??? If you believe in something you stand up for it, dont you?? Seems to me like a lot of cowards! Not to mention their odd way of thinking……

  2. The European Union had always a problem with fanatical and violent political extremist groups from both the right and left. Many people have come to despise politics and rightfully so as both sides are intolerant and promote hatred and violence.
    But instead of encouraging unity the EU continues to divide nations with economic problems breeding inequality adding to the social and political inequalities already festering. The EU has lost relevance. Thus Greece must leave the EU and the euro and get back it’s freedom