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Eviction of disabled elderly man with 20 police officers (video)

A force of some twenty policemen, the whole force of a local police station in northern Greece, was deployed to evict a disabled elderly man from his home in a village. following orders by the new owner who got the house through an auction launched by a fund.

The old man was guarantor to his son’s bank loan. Interest rates skyrocketed the original debt, the bank sold the loan to a fund, an auction followed.

Police forces literally threw the 81-year-old man out of his home in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, early Thursday morning, and did not even allow him to take his wheelchair charger, as his daughter told media.

“They did not allow us to take our clothes,” the man’s daughter stressed.

After the violent eviction, authorities changed the locks and left the old disabled man to spent  the day and the entire Thursday night on the porch of his home, while he is facing serious health problems.

On Thursday (4/5) a bailiff, in the presence of 20 police officers and with the assistance of a locksmith, literally threw the 81-year-old out of the house, as his house is being handed over to the new owner, a foreign national, a business from North Macedonia.

“At seven o’clock in the morning, a bailiff broke in with 20 policemen and locksmiths and forcibly took him out of the house,” daughter Anastasia told politic.gr.

The family’s lawyer said that “all the procedures that took place are invalid and illegal.

He added that “the entire police force of New Moudania came to assist in the eviction process, especially the commander of the department, who committed an illegal act because with all these actions they took, i.e. to take the man out on the street, they exposed him to life danger.”

In a video posted on Facebook,the police commander is heard saying that they act in the interest of a foreign national and they were not going to move away before the eviction concluded.

The 81-year-old spent the night on the terrace of the house covered with a blanket.. “This is my home, where should I go?”, the old man wondered adding that he has been building this house since he was 29 years old.

One of his legs he lost in a work accident and his other one looks obviously in bad condition, too.

How the 81-year-old lost his house

The man’s home was auctioned in December 2023 for 150,001 euros, while its real value is much higher.

His house was auctioned because the man was guarantor of his son’s loan, which was not fully repaid.

The initial loan for home renovation was 85,000 euros, 30,000 were paid but then the son lost his work and could not continue pay the installments.

The house with a total area of approximately 300 square meters, on a plot of 600 square meters, with a ground floor, a basement and a first floor, lived the elderly man, with his wife, one daughter and their son.

Following the son’s unemployment, debt burden fell on the backs of his father, the loan guarantor. father and son had managed to repay more than half of the original debt, around 50 thousand euros. However, the interest rates had skyrocketed the total debt amount of 150,000 euros, a number that they could not repay, with the son being unemployed and the father a low-pensioner.

The rest is history: the bank sold the debt to a fund that auctioned the house.

The family tied to reach a compromise solution with the new owner in the form of paying a certain amount of money to allow the elderly couple live in the basement until the end of their days.

later the family learned that the new owner, a businessman from North Macedonia, was acquiring properties in the area and turned them to touristic facilities, libre.gr reported.

The residents of the area are on the side of the old man and had already prevented the eviction twice. However, the police action was ‘cleverly’ scheduled for early in the morning, before anyone could mobilize them.

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