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5.5-month-old baby dies after father “forgets” it in his car

A 5.5-mont-old baby was found dead in western Greece early Tuesday afternoon. The father had allegedly “forgot” it in his car in the morning and went to work. Hours later he returned to the car to find the infant dead.

Αccording to local media, the father allegedly forgot the infant in the back seat of his parked vehicle in the city of Arta in western Greece on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old father was supposed to bring the baby girl to the nursery and then go to work at the local municipality.  According to information available until now, it seems that he went to work and forgot everything about his baby.

When the mother went at noon to pick up the baby she was reportedly told that the infant was not brought in. She called her husband and informed him about their child’s absence from  the nursery.

The father rushed to his car only to find that the baby was unconscious with foam on the mouth and tied to the baby chair.

He immediately took the baby to the local hospital where doctors could only pronounce the baby dead.

Hospital sources told media that the infant was brought to the hospital at 3 p.m.

An autopsy is due to determine the causes of the infant’s death and therefore the body was taken to the hospital in Ioannina. reported from the Ioannina hospital that the father fainted and it was impossible for police to get his testimony about what exactly had happened.

Authorities continue investigation into the tragedy.

Only the local community is shocked but also the Greek society about this unprecedented death.

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  1. What a sad story – poor little baby, poor mother/father to suffer the loss of a child anyway, never mind the reason.

    Can I ask a question please – WHY do we believe it is acceptable to send a 5.5month old child to a “nursery” anyway? Is “nursery” a “euphemism” for Human Animal Farm?

  2. michele lavender

    It does seem strange to think that it took so very many hours for his brain to say…BABY IS IN THE CAR…You would think that after a few minutes an alarm bell would have gone off in his head,weird.One time at an evening family gathering in someones house I had put my small daughter to sleep in a bedroom for a bit as it was late and I said my goodbyes,got outside the front door and a bomb went off in my brain…CHILD IS STILL INSIDE…panic,brain usually talks to us.

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