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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Portokalos family strikes back (Trailer)

The famous Greek-American Portokalos family strikes back with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”.

The “Greek Wedding” returns with a 3rd film and Nia Vardalos revives the role of Toula Portokalos, Along with Tula also Ian, actor John Corbett returns to the big screen for the joy of millions of fans worldwide.

Nia Vardalos will be the director of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” and, like in the previous films, she will be also the screenwriter.

Next to Vardalos and Corbett, the cast includes Louis Mandilor, Elena Kambouris, Maria Vakratsi, Andrea Martin, Gia Karidis, Joey Fatone and Laini Kazan.

Sadly BFGW 3 will be without Tula’s father, famous Gus Portokalos, as actor Michael Constantine passed away in 2021. However, the latest film will reportedly be also be a tribute to the beloved actor.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3' Trailer: See Nia Vardalos' Return

The main plot is around “fulfilling” Gus Portokalos “last wish” that the family visits his village in Greece.


Filming began on June 22, 2022 in Athens, Greece, and wrapped on August 10.

My BFW 3 will be released in USA on September 9, 2023.

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