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Corinth Canal reopens for traffic on June 1

The Corinth Canal will reopen to navigation on June 1, 2023 and for four months, that is until September 30,, the Canal’s managing company announced on Friday.

The Corinth Canal company said that the final stages of restoration work on the canal will resume on October 1 and will continue until February 2024, when the waterway will return to normal 24-hour operation.

The Canal will be available for navigation from June 1st 2023 to September 30rd 2023. From 1st October, the works will proceed to the final stage and estimated that in February 2024 the Canal will return to normal and full 24-hour operation.

The company also said that from June 1, its website will offer new digital services  on its website, where seafarers will be able to calculate the crossing fees, make a booking. the arrival announcement and payment by credit or debit card online through the Bank secure process “Pay By Link”, will be provided.

Link for Tolls Calculator – Arrival Announcement – Payment Fees on Canal website here.

The 32-million-euro restoration project on the 130-year-old canal is being carried out in two stages due to landslides in the slopes in the last few years.

The first involved the slope relief work and the cleaning of the canal year and the second of work to stabilize the base of the slopes.

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  1. Hello, I would like to reconfirm reopening date of the Corinth Canal on June 1, 2023 as originally scheduled. As this date will affect my sailing program, involving many people, I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly reconfirm the date. Thank you!