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Exams data bank crashes for 2.consecutive day; ND claims “cyber-attack”

For second consecutive day the exams platform, that is the data bank providing exam questions, crashed causing havoc among thousand of high school students and teachers.

New Democracy, even though no longer in power but the one that set up the data bank, claimed it was the “historically biggest hackers attack” from 114 countries and 165 million clicks per hour on the platform.

ND spokesman Akis Skertsos blamed the caretaker government for the failure. Note that the caretaker government assumed duties over the weekend. the spokesman went a step further, though, blaming SYRIZA also for this failure.

“We could’ve done something about this but we now have a caretaker government due to SYRIZA,”Skertsos said.

There have been no reactions neither by the acting education minister nor by his colleague in charge of the Digital Governance of which ND was very proud of.

Anyway, the narrative for the hackers’ attack called on Supreme Court Public Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos to intervene and order an investigation with the assistance of the Hellenic Police Cyber Crime Unit.

Among others, Dogiakos specified that the law-enforcement authorities seeking to find the culprits may proceed to confiscate evidence and other clues that may lead to those responsible.

State-broadcaster ERT reported that they will identify the IP addresses of the hackers [good luck with the botnets IP!]

The end-of-year exams in Greek high schools throughout the country were severely disrupted on Monday and again on Tuesday due to the platform crash, leading to hours-long delays and even some cancellations of exams.

A press release later on Tuesday announced that an investigation by the Hellenic Police Cyber Crime Unit is already in full swing, with experienced officers collecting evidence, and that this may lead to the impoundment of findings leading to the culprits.

Some general secretaries for cyber-security and education told Mega TV – Live News that “the attack was a provocation against the stability in the country” and that it was ‘targeting students.”

There are media reports that the cost of the cyber attack is estimated 200,000 euros only on Tuesday.

PS what kind of fail student has 200K to spend on a cyber attack?

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