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Supreme Court releases list of rejected, approved parties for June 25 elections

The detailed list of 12 entities that were rejected by the Supreme Court from running in the June 25 elections and 32 that will run was released later on Thursday.

The parties and individuals that were rejected are as follows:
1. Green Movement
2. Democratic Movement of National Liberation (DIKEA)
3. Patriotic Union-Hellenic Popular Rally (ELLAS)
4. Hellenic Vision
5. Decision of Need-Antonios Moraitis
6. Hellenic White Movement of Current Ideology (ELKSI)
7. Hellenism
8. Borrowers’ Identity of Centrists
9. Hellenes-Dimitrios Michakis
10. Green Left-Union of the Democratic Center
11. Hellenes for the Homeland and Freedom
12. Zotos Iagos

The 32 parties, coalitions, and individuals that got the go-ahead to run in the June 25 elections follow, grouped separately.

1. Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
2. Antarsya
4. KKE (Marxist-Leninist)
5. New Democracy
6. Voice of Logic-Afroditi Latinopoulou
7. MeRA25
8. Panathenian Movement
10. Niki
11. Greek Solution-Kyriakos Velopoulos
12. Union of Centrists
13. Marxist-Leninist KKE
14. Republican Party of Greece-TRUMP
15. National Front
16. Hellenes’ Assembly
17. Spartans
19. Dimosthenis Vergis-Greek Ecologists
20. Popular European Party (LEFKO)
21. Vision of Greece’s Renaissance
22. Eu-Kinese (Wellness Movement)
23. Plefsi Eleftherias-Zoi Konstantopoulou
24. Movement for the Poor
25. Breath of Democracy
26. Digital Hellenism in All

Party coalitions:
1. Ecologists Green-Green Unity
2. PASOK-Movement for Change
3. Green and Purple
4. Patriotic Rally

Individuals running:
1. Athanassios Georgiou
2. Spentzas Polykarpos Radio Operator on Ship ‘Pothyti 1978’-Bermuda Triangle-UFO-USO-Extraterrestrials-Einstein-Santorinis Pavlos.

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  1. I love the various communist parties. Communist Party of Greece (KKE), KKE (Marxist-Leninist), Marxist-Leninist KKE, OAKKE. I wonder if their members have ever watched “The Life of Brian”? Hints of The People’s Front of Judea and The Judean People’s Front? I presume each KKE group hates ND and all the other KKE groups?