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Anastazja Kos: 32-year-old suspect in custody for kidnapping

The 32-year-old man from Bangladesh, who is accused of kidnapping 27-year-old Polish national Anastazja Rubinski on the island of Kos remanded in custody after a two-hour testimony on Wednesday.

Hotel worker Anastazjia went missing on Monday and was found dead on Sunday afternoon in the Alykes area.

Κως: Χωρίς ρούχα η σορός της 27χρονης Αναστάζια που βρέθηκε νεκρή


The 32-year-old man testified for two hours, accompanied by the lawyer appointed by the court, for the crime of kidnapping the 27-year-old victim.

A prosecutor and one interrogator from Poland were also present. media reported.

According media information, the accused denied what was attributed to him, while he allegedly changed his pre-investigation statement, that is to say that he had sexual contact with the victim.

After he concluded his testimony, he was deemed a temporary custody “as suspect to flee the country” and will be sent to prison.

For his part, the roommate of the 32-year-old man, a Pakistani national,told media that when he returned home, the other day, he saw the 32-year-old upset and full of dirt. He added, among others, that he didn’t know he had gotten a ticket to leave for Italy. Investigators have reportedly found such a ticket in his home. He said that both the woman and his roommate were drunk.

Authorities suggest that the victim’s body was not transported to the area where it was found by only one person.

Media reported on Monday evening that authorities had interrogated one more person, but no further information was released.

Victim’s sms under the microscope

According to the forensic report, Anastazja died of suffocation. Further toxicological and histological results are expected with authorities hoping to get a clue about the murderer.

Fingerprints, DNA as well as the analysis from mobile phones are characterized as crucial for the development of the shocking case.

Investigators have reportedly taken under scrutiny the victim’s messages she exchanged with her partner, also a Polish national.

The victim’s body will be transferred to Poland.

Her mother and her partner have already left for Poland, to “prepare her burial”, as they said. reported. Authorities gave them permission to leave under the condition to be at their disposal when requested.

Media suggested that the victim and her partner had problems in their relationship. According to her mother, Anastasia wanted to leave the island as soon as possible.

Victim’s father & brother convinced of her partner’s innocence.

At the same time, Anastasia’s brother and father are also certain that Anastasia’s partner cannot have played any role in her murder.

Speaking to Mega TV, the girl’s father said: “I am sure that Anastasia’s partner is innocent. It is impossible for him to be involved because he was working [ at the time the victim disappeared.]. They had been in a relationship for ten years. No way. He couldn’t be part of it. It is not logical.”

Her brother stated that he was 100% sure of her partner’s non-involvement in her murder. He said that “I’m cutting my hand, I’m 100% sure. There is no such case (that her partner was involved in the murder). If Michal realized something like this, even if there were five people, he would fight all five with his own hands.”

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