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Search in Eva Kaili’s house in Athens in presence of Belgian prosecutor

A search was carried out in the house of MEP and ex vice of the European Parliament Eva Kaili in Psychiko suburb of northern Athens by men of the Greek economic police, following an order from the European General Prosecutor.

A Greek and a Belgian prosecutor were present at the investigation. According to information of newspaper , computers and hard drives were confiscated.

An investigation was carried out also in the house of Kaili’s sister, Magdalena, in Kifissia.

Investigations were reportedly carried out from Monday to Wednesday, June 26-28, 2023.

According to daily , the Belgian public prosecutor was executing a European order for an investigation by the Belgian judicial authorities. The Belgian prosecutor asked financial police officers to carry out on-site searches, confiscating computers and related hardware.

Sources from Eva Kaili’s environment stated that the checks were carried out and nothing was found, “as expected”.

“They despaired that they found nothing in Brussels and elsewhere in the world and are looking for the houses, once again “coal is the treasure”.

it should be recalled that the Kaili’s lawyers, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, Sven Marie and Christophe Marchand, announced on Tuesday that their client can now move freely in the Schengen area, without the permission of the investigative authority, according to a decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal.

Eva Kaili has submitted a request to the European Parliament, for the defense of her immunity. In essence, the MEP is asking her colleagues to determine whether her immunity was breached during the Qatargate investigation.

According to Kaili’s side, the MEP was under the surveillance of secret services during the time she participated in the PEGA committee, which was institutionally charged with the investigation into the existence of illegal software, which monitored the activities of MEPs and other citizens, in the European Union.

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