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Ferry crew rescues desperate kitten struggling in the sea (video)

Dramatic sea rescue of a kitten struggling not to get Salamina, western Attica, on Monday, It was a crew member of a local ferry boat who heard the kitten desperately crying for help and jumped into the water to rescue the little soul.

Without a second thought, with the help of a colleague, Thanassis Chiotis jumped into the water and swam to rescue the kitten.

After catching the kitten, Thanassis kept holding it above the surface of the sea so that it would not drink water, while the kitten kept meowing its heart out.


Nobody knows how the kitten ended up in the sea, if it fell on its own or if it was dumped.

But most probably it was dumped in the sea by some cruel human thug.

The kitten was lucky in its misfortune: not only it was rescued, it also found a forever home as it was also adopted by its rescuer Thanassis. 

The incident occurred in the area of Faneromeni. Rescuers are identified as Thanassis Hiotis and Giorgos Karnesis, crew members of ferry boat “Panagia Koimisis” and came to light through a post on FB.

It is not the first time, crews of ferries operating between the island of Salamina and Perama in Attica rescue animals from the sea. Mostly it has been dogs, according to posts of animal issues website

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  1. Well done the Crew and Thanassis, heartwarming. Blessing from England. The Cat will reward you for many years.

  2. Barbara Liggett

    Thank you so very much for rescuing this beautiful innocent little kitten. You are my heroes and I ask God to bless you both for your kindness, compassion and bravery. You have restored my faith in human beings. God bless the little kitty too. XX

  3. True Hero !! Well done.

  4. What a brave and compassionate human being you are. I hope you and little kitty have a magical life filled with love and happiness. And as for those who throw animals away as though they were trash …… they will get what they deserve in life, too.

  5. What a truly wonderful compassionate person you are thank god for people like glad the beautiful kitten has you .

  6. God bless you, Thanassis and Giorgos. So brave and compassionate. Huge bravo! xSx

  7. How much my heart is full of happiness, because this is a positive news, actually never find here