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Gov’t to announce measures for forests protection from fires, says Greece’s PM

“The government will announce specific steps as regards the policy for forests, with the transfer of responsibilities for the protection of woodland around urban areas in Attica to the environment ministry, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Thursday.

He added that the responsibilities transfer will facilitate funds for protection of the forests from the fires and reforestation.

“The green transition is one of the great wagers of the present governance,” he added in statements after his meeting with Environment and Energy Minister Theodoros Skyllakakis and the leadership of the environment and energy ministry.

Speaking about the wildfires in the country, he thanked the state mechanism and volunteers that took part in the firefighting effort.

He noted that the worst was not yet over as a new surge in temperatures was still to come, combined with the possibility of stronger winds.

He stressed that the work of recording and compensating people for damage caused by the wildfires will get underway immediately.

PS After being in power since 2019, having dealt with several devastating fires since then and when we clearly saw in 2021 and even 2023 Live on TV forests on fire and no Fire Service around ? No words.

And no worries. Only at the start of the week we heard hm saying that “protection of environment – see: forest” was the last of priorities during fires.

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  1. refer back to the video of adonis a couple years ago where he’s saying (referring to a hotel built illegally in kerkyra on forested land) ‘sooner or later the forest was going to burn…wouldnt they prefer to have money?’ for a view of the priorities of this government.

  2. It is a nightmare

    Too late. All the remaining forest and wildlife have burned down now here in Rhodes.