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Vultures on Crete: Dehydrated and exhausted at high risk, says ANIMA (picts, video)

Wildlife protection and care association “ANIMA” has sounded alarm for the vultures on the island of Crete. Due to the high temperatures and the long search for food and water, dozens of young vultures are dehydrated and exhausted, with the result that many have died to this day,” ANIMA warned.

Fifteen exhausted vultures were taken to the ANIMA facilities within only just a week.

“There is a serious problem” and local communities as well as competent authorities should “place tanks with water and watering cans on the mountains,” ANIMA said in a statement [see below].

Vultures Rescued by Citizens

Since the beginning of July locals on the island of Crete reported and posted pictures of vultures they found exhausted and thirsty.

Last Friday, a group of volunteers in Sitia, Crete, manged to rescue a big vulture who was so exhausted that he fell into the sea from a steep beach.

The bird was weak and scared and when volunteers approached it to its rescue the vulture fell into the sea. local media reported.

A swimmer rushed to the vulture and rescued the bird before drowning. Once on the shore, the bird was washed with sweet water, was given fluids against dehydration and is now in a safe place. He will be released toback to nature after 4 to 5 months, local group of volunteers reported to sitiaonline.The bird was baHe has been reportedly taken to a safe place.

In other incidents, an exhausted vulture landed in the middle of the BOAK highway and seemed unable to fly. Passing drivers stopped their cars to help the bird with water.


The bird was closed to collapse and the drivers moved it to a shady place, poured water on his head and informed police as well as competent authorities to pick him and rescue him accordingly.

In the area of the Three Churches it was bathers who help another vulture in need.

ANIMA statement

“Serious problem with vultures in Crete. Dozens of dehydrated vultures, young this year, fall exhausted and many die. The lucky ones are found by citizens in time and inform the Forestry Departments.

Within a week, fifteen of them arrived at ANIMA and are receiving intensive treatment with electrolytes. We believe they will continue to come throughout August.

The state and the agencies involved must immediately place tanks and watering cans on the mountains. It is not acceptable to lose such a large number of these precious animals from thirst in the summer.”


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  1. Bravo and thank you to all who helped these beautiful, majestic birds. Indeed thank you to all who help all of God’s creatures. It gives hope that there are still people with hearts somewhere out there.

  2. Well done to those people who care enough.

    • God bless all the helpers which helped this beautiful bird!!! There are still good humans out there!!