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Five Greek islands listed as at risk of “cultural heritage” due to wind farms

Five Greek islands have been symbolically added to Europa Nostra’s list of endangered cultural heritage sites this year due to the increased risk to landscapes posed by the excessive development of wind farms. These islands are Amorgos, Kimolos, Sikinos, Tinos and Kythira in the southern Aegean Sea. The announcement was made …

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“Prespes Agreement is at risk, some chapters may freeze,” says PM Zaef

Prime minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, has warned that a decision not to launch European Union accession talks with the Balkan nation may put the Prespes Agreement at risk as th ename deal and accession to EU are intrinsically linked. Speaking to the Greek edition of Euronews in Skopje …

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Acropolis and other Greek monuments at risk due to climate change

The monuments of the Acropolis rock as well as monuments of the Greek heritage at the coastal   and submarine sites are at imminent risk due to the climate change. Even exhibits and paintings found in museums are negatively affected by the evolving reversal of the climate year after year. This …

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ANEL MP resigns, putting Greece’s coalition gov’t majority at risk

A lawmaker from Independent Greeks (ANEL) resigned on Tuesday over the Macedonia Agreement. The resignation leaves Tsipras’ coalition partner ANEL with just seven lawmakers and puts to government majority at risk. It is the second MP out of ANEL in the last ten days. MP Giorgos Lazaridis who is elected …

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Greek court rules: Teachers’ and Transport workers’ strikes put public health at risk

Did you know that teachers’ strikes put the students’ health at risk? Have you ever thought that a court is concerned about the public health when it comes to strikes but it doesn’t seem to care when thousands of patients are deprived of basic medical care because they cannot afford …

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Early elections in sight? Samaras announces 440,000 jobs, while gov’t majority at risk

There is the fragrance of elections hovering in the smog-free air of Greece. The country’s government announces measures here and there, measures aiming to alleviate the suffering of the austerity-ridden society. Right after his arrival to Athens from Brussels and Kefalonia where he visited the earthquake-hit area, prime minister Antonis …

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