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AEK fan Michalis Katsouris died from a single stab wound, coroner’s report finds

29-year-old Michalis Katsouris, the AEK fan who died during hooligan-initiated incidents on Monday night, lost his life from a single stab wound on his forearm, the coroner’s report said on Thursday. The report confirms the initial diagnosis of doctors who examined his body in hospital.

According to the coroner who conducted the autopsy, Michalis Katsouris, was also wounded elsewhere on his hands – apparently when he was trying to defend himself – but these wounds were not fatal.

The knife wound on his forearm however was deep and cut through an artery and other blood vessels, which resulted in the young man’s death by severe hemorrhage.

Witnesses said that Michalis had walked nearly 100 meters before collapsing, and by the time an ambulance could be found it was too late.

A private ambulance with only the driver on as his shirt was ending was found by policemen at the crime spot. They loaded Michalis and the driver rushed the wounded and bleeding victim to the hospital.

“Had someone with skills stopped the bleeding with a bandage at the right spot, Michalis would have chances to be alive,” several doctors and nurse staff wrote on social media.

Forensic investigations to identify the murderer are continuing and will make use of DNA collected from the hooligans in jail, who have been read charges.

According to some media, investigators are focusing on a small group of them both Croats and Greeks.

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