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Chania reproduction clinic: Couples seek their babies delivered by surrogate mothers

Dramatic developments in the case of the baby trafficking ring from a reproduction clinic in Chania, as couples from abroad arrived on Crete seeking to find out whether newborn babies delivered by surrogate mothers are their own.

The couples had been had sought the help of the 73-year-old obstetrician who has been remanded in custody and is said to be the ringleader of the ring.

The couples who are looking for their babies have appealed to prosecutor to facilitate their desperate search and will be subjected to a DNA test following a prosecutor’s order, local media reported.

They want to know if they are the parents of the newborns who were recently born by surrogate mothers in the Chania hospital.

According to state-run broadcaster ERT, these couples have information about the surrogate mothers who would carry their children. They are in a position, that is, to know that the woman named “X” is the one who is carrying their own child.

At this stage, the “green light” has reportedly been given for at least one case in order to proceed with DNA testing of parents. By the end of the week another couple is expected to undergo a DNA test.

The couples allegedly claim to be the biological parents of the twin babies who were born on Monday at the Chania Hospital by a surrogate mother of Georgian origin.

It should be noted that at this moment in the Neonatal Unit of the Chania Hospital there are 4 newborns who came into the world from surrogate mothers of Georgian origin.

The women in question had cooperated with the assisted reproduction center, which is being investigated by authorities for baby trafficking. At the same time, another baby related to the specific center is expected to be born in the next period.

At the same time, Police is conducting an investigation, regarding the amount of eggs that has been removed from the women who went to the center to have a child. Police is trying to find out if the assisted reproduction center is also hiding behind an eggs trafficking ring.

The assisted reproduction clinic in Chania is at the center of a broader investigation regarding illegal adoptions and babies as well as surrogate mothers trafficking.

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  1. I am not expert on Greek law, but if mother gives birth, baby can not be taken away from her. If DNA does not match, other woman was just an egg donor. If DNA matches with a man, he is the father and must pay child support!

    EU law does not recognize surrogacy contract, it is highly illegal! Only way to get child is if mother cooperates, and offers child for an adoption. I really hope those poor Georgian women get at least $250 000 in compensations before cooperating. People who pay for this stuff are loaded!!