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Tourist drifted away on floating flamingo rescued off Lesvos (video)

An inflatable plastic flamingo was the reason a tourist drifted out to the sea and an operation was launched to rescue her as well as another swimmer who approached her to her help.

The incident took place off the beach of Efthalou on the island of Lesvos on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

The woman found herself out in the open sea shouting for help. A man swam up to her, but then neither could get close to land.

An operation was quickly set up by the coast guard and the two people were rescued.

Rescue Video released by the Greek Coast Guard

According to a statement by the Greek Coast Guard, “the woman who was sitting on an inflatable sea toy, moved away from the shore and despite her efforts, was unable to return, while another Greek bather who was in the area rushed to help.”

Participated in the rescue operation was an Greek patrol boat and a FRONTEX boat that was also the one that collected the two simmers.

The man was safely transported to the shore of the beach and the woman to the port of Mithymna. They are both in good health.

PS Most likely, the flamingo is still floating in the Aegean Sea.

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