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Thousands stranded in Athens-Corinth highway after fire in tank truck (vids)

Thousands of vehicles have been trapped in the Athens-Corinth highway and dozens of passengers are stuck in the Proastikos train for over 7 hours due to a fire in a tank truck earlier on Thursday.

Angry motorists on both national roads posted on social media, the old national and the new highway, well since early Thursday afternoon. Many complained ot media that police should not have allowed them to enter the highway after a certain point.

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Αθηνών Κορίνθου!!! 4,5 ώρες…. και που είσαι ακόμα! Ντροπή

— ANNA (@amikropoulou) August 17, 2023

A driver complained to STAR TV at 8 p.m. that he was stuck with his family, including a 5-year-old child, on the highway since 2 p.m.

Others told media that they cover 20 meters every 15 minutes.

Note that many return from their summer holidays and the long weekend around August 15 and decided to travel on Thursday to avoid the traffic jams over the upcoming weekend when thousands of holiday makers will return.

Traffic was halted since around 12:30-13:30 noon, when a tanker-truck transporting  liquefied gas caught fire in Kakia Skala on the Athens-Corinth hghway.

Early Thursday evening, the Fire Service announced that the transfer of the liquefied gas from the truck had began.

A team of specialists is handling this particular task due to the flammable nature of the cargo that is 7.5 tones.

The traffic on the new Athens-Corinth highway has been closed from the 39th km in the direction towards Corinth, from the Elefsina toll booths in the direction towards Corinth, and from the 57th km in the direction towards Athens.

Road traffic is also closed in the old Athens-Corinth motorway from the Elefsina toll booths up to Kinetta in both directions.

At some point, traffic of vehicles  were diverted on the old National Highway but, ultimately both roads were closed.

Early evening police was pictured distributing water to the stranded and troubled motorists.

Passengers of Proastiakos incl.children and elderly, have been trapped for over “4.5 hours in the train and they haven’t even offered us some water,” the complained to news website

One passenger told there is no information about what will happen,  Police are generally absent but also the Hellenic Train has not made any announcement to send buses to pick up the trapped passengers..

The passenger also said that two ambulances moving in the Emergency Lane due to the heavy traffic were also trapped on the National highway.

In particular, there is a stoppage of traffic on the old National Road from the height of the Elefsina Toll Road to Kineta in both traffic streams.

Passengers complained to, they have no information from Hellenic Train,

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