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Fire fronts burn in 7 regions in Greece; villages evacuated, houses burned, firefighters injured

Dozens of fire fronts are burning forests, houses, animal farms and agricultural land across Greece on Monday and hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames. Villages and settlements have been evacuated and roads have been closed to traffic.

The worst enemy of the firefighters are the powerful winds blowing with intensity of 7 to 8 Beaufort.

Nine firefighters and one volunteer have been injured in the last two days and have been taken to hospital either with burn injuries, respiratory problems or issues with their eyes.

The fires are burning mostly forest areas in seven regions, with the largest ones being in  Evia, Viotia and Alexandroupolis where it is burning for third consecutive day.

Fire in Alexandrouplis

For third consecutive day the fire is burning in the broader area of Alexandroupolis in north-eastern Greece.


One of the most difficult moments of the fire extinguishing operation was reportedly  on Sunday afternoon, with firefighters to have created a large fire zone in the area of Amfitritis up to the airport of Alexandroupolis.

They lined up dozens of fire engines in a line of “defense” to prevent the fire from passing through.

A total of 14 villages and settlements have been evacuated in the area since Saturday.

Early Monday evening residents of Alexandroupolis received a message via <112> urging them to stay indoors with closed doors and windows as the fire smoke was moving towards the city.

Fire in Evros

The fire broke out in the forest of Dadia that was left to burn for several days last year.

The fire broke out in the core of the forest and local authorities wondered about its causes as no local usually enters this part of the forest that is home to rare birds.

Police officers deployed in the area rescue dog left alone in a fenced land plot.


Fire in Psachna, Evia:

The big fire front is moving towards VatonaShe continues to burn everything she finds in front of her, the great fire that had broken out in Psachna in Evia.

The fire has developed a huge front and the entire area, even the city of Halkida, has been filled with smoke while at the same time residential areas are threatened.

Residents located in South Psachna were ordered to evacuate to Psachna, while residents of North Artaki side had to move to Artaki.

The fire started in the Prophet Elias area very close to the University facilities and from there it took on large dimensions.

Ground and air forces, firefighters and volunteers, are trying to stop the fire front so that it does not advance towards Vatona where there is a forest there and from the moment the fire enters the forest, the problems will become insurmountable.

According to locals, the damage is incalculable, the fire front extends over large areas and now the threat to the first houses is immediate.

One dead in Viotia

One shepherd lost his life on Monday morning when he tried to save his animals in Hostia village, Viotia.

The front spread within two hours to Saranti beach due to gale-force winds, reaching eight Beaufort.

Residents and visitors were ordered to evacuate, locals refuse to do so, at some point the blaze entered the Saranti settlement.

Around 60 people are reportedly to be evacuated from Saranti beach with the aid of the Coast Guard later today.

Another fire broke out in Tarsos area, short after 7 p.m.

Fire in a forest area in Kavala

A fire broke out at noon on Monday in a forest area, in the Dialecto area of Kavala. A message was sent by 112 to evacuate the settlement.

Later the evacuation of two more settlements was ordered as the fire was nearing houses.

Φωτιά στην Καβάλα (

Two firefighters suffered burn injuries, one in the hands and one on the face.

Fire in Rodopi

A fire broke out in a forest in Rodopi nd quickly spread a settlement burning down houses, ANT1 TV reported early Monday evening.

Fire on Kythnos

A fire broke out around 4 p.m. on the island of Kythnos.

According to the fire Service the fire burns an area with dry greens very close to a hotel in Skylos Beach.

Residents and tourists were ordered to evacuate the area.

The three firefighters on the island are struggling against the flames with one engine.

“Extreme Fires Risk” prevails also on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. Check in KTG post here.

*thumbnail: fron the fire in Evros, NE Greece

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