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Turkish tycoon Sabanci, wife injured in boat crash off Greek island (picts)

Prominent Turkish businessman Ali Sabanci and his wife, Vuslat Dogan Sabanci, sustained serious injuries in a maritime incident near Leros island in the Dodecanese while on vacation, media report on Friday.

According to information, the couple was going with their children from the island of Lipsi to a restaurant in Leros when the accident happened.

The 54-year-old businessman himself was driving the boat that crashed on rocks.

The couple’s two children managed to jump into the water and reportedly survive without injuries.

Sabanci, the owner of the private airline Pegasus Havayollari, was admitted to the intensive care unit at a private hospital in Istanbul, while his wife has incurred multiple fractures.

The couple was first taken to the hospital of Leros, where the businessman underwent two operations and later, due to the seriousness of his injuries was transferred with a private ambulance boat to a private hospital in Istanbul.

Ali Shambansi is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit in a critical condition while his wife’s health is improving.

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In a statement, the Greek Coast Guard that quickly deployed boats to the rescue of the passengers said that it was a high-speed auxiliary vessel with Maltese flag that crashed on the rock.

On board were 4 Turkish citizens, 1 South African citizen and 1 citizen from Great Britain.

“Four of the people taken to the hospital were discharged the same day after receiving medical treatment, while a man and a woman – Turkish nationals – were transported by a private Turkish-flagged floating ambulance to Turkey [town of Bodrum],” the Coast Guard said.

Turkish tycoon Sabancı, wife injured in boat crash off Greek island | Daily  Sabah

A preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Port Authority of Leros, while the auxiliary vessel of the Malta-flagged E/G-T/R was transferred to the prefecture of Leros.

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Ali Sabancı, the owner of private Pegasus Airlines is a third-generation member of the wealthy Sabancı family.

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  1. John Middlestone

    Why did they use a Maltese boat. Why were they having a vacation Leros, after all? Those businessman have always some meeting to do in the sea. They like hiding in those small islands to manage their businesses and sign contracts