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Eerie images as fire in Evros raging for 13. consecutive day (videos)

Residents of Soufli and nearby villages and settlements experience dramatic hours as the flames and the fire-cloud have surrounded the town of Evros and the blaze is raging out of control for 13th consecutive day.

The air is suffocating humans and animals and the images from the area are eerie.

Strong fire-fighting forces including firefighters deployed from the EU, local  volunteer firefighters, forces made available by the General Staff and the Greek Police, as well as water tankers and machinery from the Regions are operating in Soufli, Kornofolia, Dadia, Kotronia, Sidiro and Giannouli but the battle seems uneven.

Video: Giannouli

The flames turn into ashes everything they meet on their way.

The fire front in Soufli is raging uncontrollably on Thursday, August 31, with the ground and aerial firefighting forces fighting a great battle to extinguish the fire.

Video: West of Soufli

The dense smoke has hidden the sun.

Social media users keep uploading images from the fire-fronts in Evros and they are heartbreaking.


Airdrops continue unabated on the front west of Soufli. As the picture shows, the fire continues to “rager” and burn everything in its path.

more videos in e-evros.

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