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Mitsotakis: “Counterbalance” to wildfires damages “is good economy performance”

Greece’s prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis unpleasantly surprised with a statement massively lacking empathy and suggesting that the only thing that can “counterbalance” sombre mood in Greece due to extensive wildfires damages is the “good performance of economy.”

While the wildfire in Evros, NE Greece, keeps raging for almost two weeks, Mitsotakis told business people in Thessaloniki on Wednesday “the very good performance of the economy could counterbalance the gloomy climate that dominates … due to the wildfires.

“If anything compensates for the dark climate that exists in society due to the destructive fires of the Evros, it is the very good performance of our economy which is growing rapidly, the good performance of tourism, exports and the important investments that are underway. At the same time, we also made an overview of the progress of the important projects that we have launched in the last 4 years in Thessaloniki”, the PM said.

Today, Thursday, during a debate about the wildfires in Parliament, PM Mitsotakis  initially blamed the wildfires mainly on climate change and the extreme weather.

A bit later, he took the xenophobic spin out of his pocket saying the cause of the fire in Evros is being investigated. “It is almost certain that the cause is man-made. And it is almost certain that it was lit on routes used by illegal migrants.”

*thumbnail: Dadia forest burning for 13. day Before and After


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  1. It is time to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. It has been an issue since the last century that us unresolved but that any reasonable person can see is a matter of returning what was stolen. The excuse that Greece cannot protect them is absurd given the tremendous improvements in the Greek Museum infrastructure. Greece is a modern European Country in the EU and NATO so all those excuses of the past need to be ignored and the archeological items returned. Past crimes must be rectified now by returning the marbles immediately.

  2. Sorry, what has this to do with the subject above??? And imagine how Koulis would crow if they are returned during his dictatorship. All his past sins would be forgiven. Then heaven help us!!!