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Three children injured when plaster falls on their heads in Athens school

Three elementary school children were injured on Friday morning when plasters detached from the school ceiling and fell on the young pupils in an Athens neighborhood.

Everything happened at the 149th Primary School of Petralona during the second break. Suddenly, a large piece of plaster fell from the ceiling of the forecourt on the upper floor and hit the children.

The children, students of the fifth and sixth grade, suffered minor injures, media reported.

The incident took place at the Primary School of Petralona neighborhood of Athens, just a few kilometers south of the city center and thus in the week the new school year started.

The school management informed the parents of the injured and shocked pupils who went to the school and picked up their children.

“We were notified by the school to go and pick up the children,” parents told news website

“When we came there was a disturbance among the children and the parents and the teachers. One child went to the Children’s Clinic as a precaution, the other two to municipal clinics. The little children who saw the incident were scared,”

Some parents are reportedly seriously considering changing schools after the incident.

BTW an elementary school in Pangrati district of Athens hasn’t opened so far, because repair works and painting are under way. A week after the school year started. Note that municipalities are n chrge of the school buildings

The country goes under and nobody seems to care.

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