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Flock of sheep eats 100 kg of medical cannabis in Greece’s flooded area

A flock of hungry sheep in the flooded areas of Central Greece raided a greenhouse with medical cannabis and happily chewed over 100 kilograms.

A shepherd in Almyros by Volos was surprised by the ‘strange’ behavior of his flock just a few hours after he had taken them out to graze in an area of Magnesia, media reported..

According to reports, immediately after storm Daniel hit the wider region of Thessaly and Magnisia, and while the grassland areas have suffered damage, a flock of sheep “raided” a greenhouse outside Almyros Volos, which grows … medicinal cannabis and ate a large amount exceeding 100 kilogram of the opiate plant.

The owner of the greenhouse was desperate to find out that the production of medical cannabis was not only badly damaged by the severe weather and the flood but to see it was also eaten up by a flock of sheep.

“I don’t know if to laugh or cry,” the owner of the licensed medical cannabis cultivation facility said.

” We have the heatwave, we are losing a lot of production. We have the floods, we lose the rest. And the best part? After all of that, a flock of sheep came into the facility, and I don’t know how they got around and started eating what was left. I don’t know what to say, honestly,” he added.

Unconfirmed rumors claim that the flock of sheep enjoyed very much being “high” even though they were also a bit confused…

*thumbnail picture: stoned sheep still spelling correctly “baa”

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  1. With the price of olive oil rising so sharply you can’t blame the sheep for wanting to chill out.

  2. Cannabis is not an opiate plant. Do your research.