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First public opinion poll after Kasselakis wins SYRIZA leadership

The first nationwide public opinion poll after Stefanos Kasselakis won the leadership of main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA was published on Wednesday evening.

Conducted by Opinion Poll on behalf of Action24 TV showed that ruling party New Democrasy is losing in the preference of respondents, who were also not particularly impressed by the 35-year-old diaspora Greek Stefanos Kasselakis who came from the USA to save his fellow Greeks in Greece.

ND leads with a difference of 17.7%, however, it has lost over 8% from its elections percentage and thus just a bit over two months after it was re-elected to power for another four years.

SYRIZA and PASOK lose as well.

Intention to vote:

  • ND 31.7% [40.56%]
  • SYRIZA 14% [17,84%]
  • PASOK 10% [11.84%]
  • KKE 7.7%[7.69]
  • Greek Solution 4.8%[4.68%]
  • Spartans 2.9% [4.68]
  • Course of Freedom 2.8%3.17%]
  • NIKI 3.7%[3.70%]
  • 15% of respondents said they were “undecided.”
  • * in […#] the elections percentage based on the July data 2023 of the Interior ministry

According to the poll, a percentage of 47.2% declared satisfied and rather satisfied with the election of Stefanos Kasselakis to the leadership of SYRIZA, compared to 41.6% who declare “no” and “probably not”.

However, the great majority of respondents believe that SYRIZA will split, as the polarization between the “old-guard” of party officials (former ministers Achtsioglou, Tsakalotos, Filis, Skourletis) with the new-guard (Kasselakis) with old officials (also ex ministers Pappas, Polakis, Tsipras) gets fueled each and everyday and these inter-party attacks are been broadcast on 24-basis by mainstream media.

68.5% of poll respondents stated that divisive tendencies may manifest in SYRIZA after the election of Kasselakis.

Regarding the PR “storm” of Kasselakis with video and messages without any “leftist” or even political substance, poll respondents did not seem to have been  impressed with.

66.2% of respondents answered “not at all” and “a little” to the question “how busy were you and did you follow the process of electing the new president of SYRIZA”.

The public opinion poll was conducted in a nationwide sample of 1,005 households, between September 21 and 26, 2023, that is after the 1st round of SYRIZA leadership race where Kasselakis won the race and before Kasselakis confirmed victory on September 24.

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