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19 cases of Leptospirosis confirmed in flooded Thessaly in a week

Nineteen new cases of leptospirosis have been confirmed in the areas affected by last month’s flooding in Thessaly, nine of them in the last 24 hours.

Thirty-four cases of leptospirosis in total have been confirmed so far in the affected areas of Thessaly. Six of the infected people are hospitalized, according to the commander of the 5th Health Region of Thessaly & Central Greece, Fotis Seretis.

He added that 3 new hospitalizations were recorded due to gastroenteritis and 14 due to respiratory infection.

Furthermore, “19 new cases of leptospirosis have been identified since October 6, while 9 of them were observed in the last 24 hours”, Fotis Seretis stressed during the briefing on Friday.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira. If not treated in time and the symptoms are severe, it can lead to death. It is mostly spread through the urine of rodents.

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At least one person, a young man in his later 20’s, has died of leptospirosis in the flooded area. he was cleaning houses after the storms.

Parts of the flooded areas remain under water still 5 weeks after the flood Daniel. and not all dead animals have been collected.

According to state broadcaster ERT, a unit from the national health care organization EODY visited the town of Palamas on Thursday urging them to take protection measures as leptospirosis is looming in the flooded areas.

Experts are sounding alarm, as the transmission of diseases is very likely, due to the poor sanitary conditions that prevail in the area. Although the main problem from stagnant water is gastroenteritis, there have also been cases of leptospirosis, a problem that usually shows up over time, as it does not appear immediately.

Incubation time can reach up to 54 days.

It is also worth noting that in the last 24 hours, 1,466 citizens attended hospital emergency departments in the flooded region. Of these admissions, 26 were for gastroenteritis and 194 for respiratory infections.

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  1. Leptospirosis spreads when animals poop on streets and into water sources. It is very important that dogs and cats are not allowed to shit on streets!!!

    Every animal should have DNA test and assigned an owner. If owner abuses an animal by not providing proper toilet, they should be punished! There is a fine 30 000 euro for animal abusers per case! Animal abusers should have their property and pensions confiscated!

    Social justice for animals!!!