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Platform for COVID-19 vaccination opens in Greece on Oct 16 (POLL)

The platform for vaccination against Covid-19 opens on Monday, 16. October 2023 16 in 352 vaccination clinics across Greece, the Health Ministry announced earlier today.

The platform where people can make scheduled appointments is expected to on Monday afternoon. Appointment can be also made via the pharmacies.

Eligible for the charge free vaccination are citizens irrespective of whether they are healthy or have underlying problems, Deputy Health Minister eirini Agapidaki said at a press conference on Monday..

For making an appointment at  platform the same procedure as in previous vaccinations applies with the taxisnet codes. KTG understands that no special vaccination centers will open as in 2021.

Priority will be given to those with underlying health problems.

Based on official announcements by the Health Ministry, for children aged 5-11 today parents can also make an appointment already today.

Vaccination starts on October 23, the same day as for infants and young children.

Vaccination with the booster dose will not be mandatory.

According to the recommendations of the experts of the National Immunization Committee, priority in the booster dose will be given to the most vulnerable people and those over 60 years old.

Priority will also be given to:

  • People with weakened immune system and underlying medical conditions that put them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 infection, regardless of age.
  • People aged 12-59 who belong to high-risk groups, according to the instructions of the attending physician.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with increased exposure to SARS-CoV-2, such as healthcare workers.
  • Residents and workers in care units for the elderly or other care units for chronic ill.
  • Those living with people in immunosuppression or other underlying disease.
  • Caregivers of people with illnesses that increase the risk of complications from coronavirus.

President of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, pointed out that the main goal of the vaccine is long-term protection against serious illness.

She added that Greece has received 1.6 million vaccines of the new vaccine (Pfizer) and that the amount can be increased if necessary.

She stressed that it decreases the risk of serious disease and death by 30%. (sources:,,

PS Ask your doctor also regarding the vaccination for both Covid-19 and the flu


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  1. If people have the means to pay then they should be charged.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      pot was expired?

    • Why would you treat COVID differently from any other illness? It is a disease like any other disease. It makes a percentage of people very seriously ill with long term damage like other illnesses. It kills a percentage of the people who catch it like other illnesses.

      • How am i treating it different? Diabetics have to pay for their tablets and insulin otherwise they would be brown bread. If you want the covid vax then you should pay for it if you have the means. I find it disagreeable that taxes are being used to pay for this treatment when many people are struggling to make ends meet. If you have the means you should pay for it and it should not be subsidized (eg, me paying for your treatment, yeah, i pay taxes here the same as you)

  2. Thanks for the heads up, KTG. Just booked my appointment for the first available day. It looks like there are far fewer centres administering vaccinations this time round. There only seems to be one in the Nomos of Chania where I think there were six before.

    In Chania the platform is only showing appointments available on one day so far, Tuesday 24 October. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to select specific times. You select a three hour slot and it seems to randomly allocate times in that slot, which is a bit inconvenient when couples want to go together. I just booked slots for two friends, who are a couple, and they are over 1 hour apart.