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People with disabilities abused on Live Streaming while thousands watch

Horror for two young people with disabilities: they were abused and filmed and the videos were uploaded in live streaming on a platform where sick individuals -see: subscribers– paid money in order to watch.

A total of 554 videos were uploaded by a 42-year-old man in Keratsini suburb of Piraeus who was arrested late on Friday, while on live streaming.

The victims were a woman and a man with disabilities, both 25 years-old.

Subscribers paid 150 euros per video.

The victims were forced by the perpetrator to beat each other with ropes and fists, some times, he forced them into sexual acts.

In a shocking video, the 42-year-old holds the razor and shaves the young woman’s hair. She reacts, he gets up from the chair and threatens her.

The perpetrator also struck the defenseless victims even with a taser, while in dozens of videos he degraded human existence in unimaginable ways.

One of the seized videos shows the perpetrator pushing the young man’s head into the toilet and pressing the water, while others in the room burst into laughter.

A former subscriber told MEGA TV, that there was often a so-called ‘challenge’ where viewers would pay some 20 euros for an extra stroke with a taser, for handcuffs, for beating with belts.

“He had two different tasers, one light and another one that was much stronger,” the former subscriber said adding that one of the victims was beaten in front of thousands of viewers when he said in a live broadcast that he wanted to leave.

Citing another testimony, news website in.gr reported that the 42-year-old was keeping the victims in his house which was in a miserable state, in exchange for giving them a plate of food per day and some small amounts of money so that they participate in his sick games for the purpose of profit.

The arrest

The horrible abuse took place with direct access to the internet with thousands of subscribers, including minors, watching the sick content.

The 42-year-old was arrested shortly after midnight on Friday following an anonymous complaint to the authorities.

A case was filed against him for causing bodily harm, insulting and pimping, crimes committed with racial characteristics as well as violation of the weapons law.

According to the authorities’ investigation, the systematic abuse of the two victims with disabilities by the 42-year-old began in September 2022.

The investigation has yielded 554 horror videos, with the 42-year-old having 22,700 subscribers to his platform, who paid handsomely to watch horrors.

The brutal acts committed by the 42-year-old were noticed by the authorities when one of the horror videos fell into the hands of a police officer, who informed the Greek Police. daily ethnos.gr reported.

It is noted that the 42-year-old was arrested on Friday in his home, while he was broadcasting live.

Τhe two victims have been reportedly transferred to a state facility.

Video screenshots via ethnos.gr, protothema.gr

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  1. put this depraved waste in prison with the general population, so he can experience the same — the subscribers should also face the consequences of their depravity by having their names published as well

  2. This has made me cry. There is so much cruelty and horror in the world. We need laws to make prosecuting the viewers possible as well as the perpetrators of such horrendous acts.