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Poll: PASOK ahead of main opposition SYRIZA

A survey conducted by Opinion Poll on behalf of Action 24 TV showed that center-left PASOK would come second if elections were held today, overtaking main opposition SYRIZA.

In the category of voting intention, ruling New Democracy got 31.1%, ahead of PASOK on 12.9%, with leftist SYRIZA in third place (11.9%). Communist KKE followed with 8.6%, above nationalist Greek Solution (5.1%), Niki (3.2%), Spartiates (2.4%), Sailing for Freedom (2.1%) and MeRA25 (1.9%).

In terms of the projected result based on the share of valid votes, ND recorded 38.5%, followed by PASOK with 16% against 14.7% for SYRIZA.

As for the other parties, KKE was fourth (10.6%), ahead of Greek Solution (5.9%), Niki (3.9%), Spartians (3%), Course for Freedom (2.5%) and MeRA25 (2.4%).

Regarding the new tax bill, 46.1% don’t agree with the new measures for self-employed professionals, while 42.7% do.

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  1. given that syriza was basically a rebrand of pasok to begin with, this is really six of one, half a dozen of the other. if you want to see who is a real opposition party, look at the ones whom those in power have banned from even participating in elections.

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