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16-year-old girl in ICU after drugs use; six arrests

Two men were remanded in custody for a drug cocktail they gave to a 16-year-old girl ‘sending’ her to hospital ICU in critical condition.

Along with a friend, the 16-year-old victim was found at the house of a 17-year-old friend in Vyronas suburb of Athens last week.

There she was offered cannabis, as well as other narcotic substances, such as the so-called “shisha” also known as “the coke of the poor”.

The two girls spent the night in the house and the next morning the girl’s friend woke up to find out that the 16-year-old was unconscious with blood running from her nose and eyes wide open. The friend called an ambulance and the victim was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of an Athens hospital.

According to media on Monday, doctors do not seem optimistic about the girl who remains intubated in the ICU and continues the fight for her life.

Following a detailed testimony of the friend, police made 6 arrests, including two minors, for participating in a drug ring.

Two of the arrestees were sentenced to pre-trial detention, while another man and a minor were released with a restrictive condition to appear at the Police Station regularly. Another young woman was released without conditions.

It is noted that the sixth arrestee, a minor, was released on Friday by order of the prosecutor.

Everyone has denied any involvement, including the two detainees who deny that they administered the dangerous cocktail of drugs to the 16-year-old.

Speaking to media, the girl’s mother said that the gang had turned her daughter into a “lab rat,” giving her cocktails of drugs.

According to Mega TV, there were many efforts by the family to have their daughter clean, but the gang would not let loose and the girl would escape from competent facilities. Mega pointed out to “chronic insufficiency” of such facilities for minor-aged drug users in the country.

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