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Rhodes: Heavy rainfalls flood the island, cause landslides (video)

Heavy rainfalls hit the island of Rhodes early on Wednesday, flooding main and small roads and causing landslides in some villages. Authorities urge citizens to limit their movements

Ο δρόμος από Πεταλούδες προς φαράγγι και προς  Ψίνθο/Φωτογραφία: Ομάδα Αντιμετώπισης Καταστροφών Ρόδου - Ο.Α.Κ

Streams have been overflown in the area of Damatia and Marista, local media reported.

The heave rainfalls started early Wednesday morning. Video:

There were no cancellation of flights but only short delays.

Ferry Blue Star Patmos was unable to dock at the port of Akantia due to the stormy winds and remained in the bay of Trianton for quite some time.

pictures via local daily


Civil protection services of the municipality and the regional government as well as the Fire Service are on alert, as the intense phenomena are forecast to last until tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 23, 2023.

Authorities urge citizens on Rhodes to limit their movements until the intense weather phenomena are over.

The Fire Service has received several calls to pump water from flooded businesses and homes.

It is noted that the “Irish crossings” on the island have been closed as a precaution, local media reported.

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