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Hundreds of self-employed and freelancers protest new tax bill

Hundreds of self-employed and freelancers marched through the streets of Athens and other cities across Greece to protest the new tax bill that taxes them with deemed income in order to combat tax evasion as the government argues.

With banners and placards in their hands, hundreds of freelancers and self-employed, lawyers, scientists, traders, taxi drivers and professionals from other sectors such as physiotherapists  gathered in Korai Square on Wednesday morning and marched to the Finance Ministry at Syntagma.

They chanted slogans against the government saying that it targets them as tax evaders. They called for the withdrawal of the tax bill that taxes them “horizontally and unfairly.”

Scientific and professional bodies took part in the mobilization: Plenary of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece, Technical Chamber of Greece, General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen Merchants of Greece, Hellenic Dental Federation, Professional Chamber of Athens, Geotechnical Chamber of Greece, Technical Chamber of Athens, Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship , Panhellenic Veterinary Association, Coordinating Committee of Notarial Associations of Greece, Commercial Association of Athens, Federation of Judicial Bailiffs of Greece, Medical Association of Athens, Union of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Greece, Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists. Symbolically, the Panattic Federation of Associations of Professional Sellers of Folk Markets will participate in the mobilization.

Similar demonstrations took place in other major cities of the country.

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  1. I pay my taxes as an employee.

    Everywhere I go, from taxi drivers, to shops and other businesses, I have been offered a discount for cash and no receipts.

    So what the government is proposing I would agree with.

    • tax evasion needs 3:
      1. the trader/ etc who doesn’t issue a receipt
      2. the customer who does not ask for one as he cannot claim expenses in his tax return
      3. the government (any!) that turns a blind eye to big scale tax evasion.

  2. Ya know, since Greece has the predominant orthodox faith thruout the land, And there are churches everywhere, And I have seen many people attend these churches either daily or weekly, one of the chief architects of the faith AKA Jesus Christ said “give to ceasar what is caesars and to God what is God’s”. And this was in relation to a question that was proposed to him regarding the payment of taxes.. I remember a trip to sounion where I ate this great great meal. I tried to pay with a credit card.. and guess what wasn’t allegedly working..The internet..which is connect to the credit card machine…We paid in cash…And no receipt. It’s no secret that the “carry cash” with you where ever you go either in Greece, or Latin America the “carry cash” is posted every where..And, its no secret that Greece has a tax collection problem which has caused the country great financial difficulty…IDK how much of the greeks GDP is spent on the worlds problems, But here in the United States we pay a lot of taxes on the Federal level..We Pay to support problems in the world. And yes, some of those problems have been caused by us, and a lot of problems were prevented because of us..We are not happy about taxes either, so I feel your pain..But y’all voted for this, or your neighbors did, or you voted for the idiots who plunged your country into a malaise of austerity. Either way, Ya have a nice bridge that crosses the sea of cornith, and ya have some nice roads with big tunnels that go thru the mountains from Western Macedonia to Athens..So, raise your prices and pay your taxes..wouldnt hurt to get some real industry in there as well..Or..get out of the EU and Make Greece Great Again…

    • “We Pay to support problems in the world. And yes, some of those problems have been caused by us, and a lot of problems were prevented because of us.”

      What do you mean SOME? As for Prevention – oh dear – please Wake up.

  3. Well, the word of the day and the future must be:
    Apodixi, parakalo!!

  4. Yes,this has to happen,everywhere I go I encounter no receipt and paying for my coffee in the cafe they very often dont use the machine they flip their phone over my card for payment which the tax office knows nothing about.

  5. I would happily volunteer to be taxed on presumed income if I could. I would love to pay less tax.

    I am pretty sure that a lot, certainly not all, of the people protesting are going to have to pay a bit more tax than they are paying now but a huge amount less than they ought to be paying if they were taxed on their true income. If I was them I would keep quiet, keep my head down, pay the small increase and pray hard that the government doesn’t think up better ways to discover their real income.

    • So you are saying that ALL those Greek self employed are tax evaders? ALL OF THEM? so collective punishment is in order?

      Nobody should pay more tax than what they rightfully should pay. The government should ASSUME nothing and AUDIT everything if they don’t believe tax declarations.

      It’s collective punishment, simple as that

  6. if greece has such a ‘tax collection problem’ then why is it that actual revenue collected in greece is a bigger share of the total economy as it is in germany? of course the insatiably greedy politicians and bankers will insiste that there is always more blood to squeeze from the stone, but the reality is that they already tax the s**t out of us in this country far worse than even elsewhere in europe. but even everything is still not enough for them!

    • it’s the indirect taxes via VAT that is rather high incl in food & other essentials

    • 2021 figures, the latest I could find that were directly comparable:

      Germany received 39.5 % of GDP in tax revenue.

      Greece received 39.0 % of GDP in tax revenue.

  7. How about establishing deemed income of the group of people that use tax havens to avoid paying taxes?
    Or of people with Swiss bank accounts? A list was given to Greece some time ago so they’d be easy to find.

    Anybody remember that list?

  8. Companies and private persons own over 100 billion Euro to the Greek state and we will probably not see much more as 30 billion ever. Instead of making sure people pay taxes, they raise the taxes for those who obey the rules. 24% VAT is ridiculous as is the standard 800,- fee for a company without even making any income.
    And no exemption on income tax but taxed from first euro. It forces people into tax evasion.