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Down with COVID – News must wait

I was tested COVId-Positive last week for the first time since the pandemic started 3.5 years ago and despite having kept all protection measures as before.

I have mild symptoms and no fever, but an empty head and need endless hours of sleep and rest.

I spend three days in hospitals ERs and back home, the only thing I managed was my special chicken soup: broth made of chicken legs, lots of veggies for the taste, 3 lemon slices, salt, water and a bit of olive oil. The whole is  slowly cooked for several hours. This is my super ‘medicine’ for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in-between, at least for the essential fluids supply. For some weird reason I can’t eat solid food or drink plain water.

But I’ll try “farin lacte”, a cream of wheat-flour & milk for babies…

Of course, news can wait until I’m back to my senses.

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  1. Get well soon KTG!!

  2. Get well soon and best wishes

  3. Courage !

  4. I wish you the very best.

    Can I recommend something that has worked really well for me – find a juicy clove of garlic, finely slice it and cover with water – leave for 5 minutes and then have a good gargle. Repeat the next day. Ginger and honey teas can also be helpful.

  5. Oh no. Get well soon. Chicken soup does miracles.

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  7. wishing you a speedy recovery and thank you very much for your work!

  8. keeptalkinggreece

    thank you so very much for your wishes and tips (except the garlic-water /sorry)

  9. Get well soon! thanks a lot for your excellent work in all this years

  10. Best wishes for a quick and easy recovery! 🍀
    Take care of yourself first, your readers want you to feel good again and are here for you.
    Please take your time to get well. Best hugs from us

  11. Take it slow and make sure you get well!

  12. wishing you the best! get well soon!

  13. Get well soon

  14. Get well soon

  15. Bad luck KTG. I hope you are soon better. Problems managing to retain food and drink seem to be a common symptom of the current round of COVID with the associated risk of dehydration.

  16. Wish all the very best for a quick recovery..this thing is a real Bas***d. I went to pot after my second vaccination and with I had never bothered, lost my lung capacity and have got long term gut problems which make life miserable. There has been so significant sign of improvement so I live with it now. Hope you have much better luck.

  17. perastika!

  18. perastika!
    also, ginger tea with kourkouma is really great, drink it hot, with a bit of honey if you like

  19. Miss your reports and news! Wish you a quick and full recovery! All the best to you and the cats…..

  20. Your KTG news was missed. Take care and get well soon. Try Panadol, it worked for me. Boil lemons and take the hot drink with honey and a splash of whiskey, works wonders.

  21. Being in the hospital myself, best wishes from Austria!

  22. Health first. Wishing you a strong recovery.

  23. Get well soon. It found us for the first time in October. Never had a sore throat like that one!

  24. Get well soon! No positive news at the moment…so take your time to get well!

  25. I hope that you feel better soon.

    KTG is the first site that I open every morning and I appreciate all the work you have done for your readers over the years. Especially appreciated are the lengthy translations of information, usually from the government, from their original Greek into English. It is a lot of work and takes time. Thanks for doing it so reliably over the years.

  26. Perastika. News can wait!!!!!

  27. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  28. All the best from Serbia, you’ll be ok!

  29. I hope you’re OK, and you can get better soon.
    Perastika !
    I miss your news, I check your site several times a day, to hear about what’s going on in your, and I do believe I’m not the only one, far from it 😉
    Take care, take your time to get back on your feet. We’ll be very happy to see your newsite alive and well 🙂

  30. Are you ok?! It has been a long time, really hope you’re fine, take care!

  31. Sarah Mary Garfield

    are you okay? we miss you.

  32. Hope you get well soon and get over Covid. Take it easy

  33. I’m hoping you’re better by now. I guess the upside is that you’ll be healthy for Christmas. If you’re still weak, just don’t be a perfectionist this year with your Christmas preparations. 🙂
    I had COVID around the same time as you did, and the irony was that I was trying to do a Google search to see if it was circulating again now in Greece., and that’s when I found your post about your personal health. Actually many ppl where I live in Thessaloniki either have it now or just had it. So for those reading who haven’t had it recently, stay vigilant!