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Covid and I: Endless tiredness, long sleeps and loss of taste

First of all, I want to thank from the deep of my heart all readers of this blog for their get-well wishes and worries about my health situation after contracting Covid-19. It’s really touching, folks, among them people I had no idea they are loyal followers of KTG.

I have to admit: a bit of feedback is not bad for someone who writes on the boundless internet, even if under rather unpleasant circumstances.

This COVID-infection literally knocked me off and turned my daily life upside down.


It has been challenging -almost- two-weeks which I mostly spent … sleeping. Symptoms remained practically absent except this endless fatigue and the absence/distortion of taste (Parosmia).

I was surprised to discover that sweet tea is salty, banana has a taste of rotten fish, a tiny bit of choco tastes like a handful of soil and coca cola has a very strong black pepper flavor. Not to mention the (now) tasteless favorite morning coffee or bottled water. Bah!

This weird experience had me survive on clear chicken-veggies-lemon broth or miso soup.

Food and eating has become the top issue during my Covid-infection as I was  raised in a typical Greek family where “Food is very important when one is sick.” Moreover, as I’m underweight, I was in a phase before the infection that I had to gain weight not lose more….

After the first week, I dared the first solid food and that was Peking Duck!

To make the long story short I got obsessed with food in the sense the moment I finished a meal I started to plan the next one, contemplating about flavors and structures, colors and tastes.

My chinese-born Covid rejected all Greek food – except the broth and a soft boiled egg in the morning – and craved for Japanese and Vietnamese, mainly.

I guess it’s the umami taste, no the artificial glutamat, but a round-up of ingredients combination that activate the taste buds in the mouth and let you continue the day on the couch with the feeling you’re no hungry but just endless tired.

On the funny side of the whole horrible adventure as I could not work or even do little daily things, I had time to think about life and I may have ended up in thinking to open a kafeneio with meze in an old storehouse on some picturesque mountain village in central Greece or Peloponnese even if I have no connection to such places or I don’t even know anybody there.

Top meze: omelette with smoked eel – Never had such a thing, I have no idea if it even exists.

All these may sound like fever-delirium due to Covid, but the highest fever I had all through this time was once 36.8 C.

I’d rather call it: wild fantasies due to extreme tiredness and work-free days.

The good news: I manage to sleep less during the day since the last 3 days, to stay on my feet longer and do small tasks like boiling the breakfast egg and the heating the soup.

Small recovery steps for me, big steps towards the continuation of the blog and the site reporting.

PS I may need a few more days until I can sit for hours at my office chair again. thank you, so much!

thumbnail picture: my breakfast this morning. I decided to add a croissant and coffee. I still contemplate on whether to eat/drink them or if they’ll still be tasteless.

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  1. So good to hear that you are on the mend. You provide an excellent service. Thank you, and I hope your taste for Greek dishes – obviously the finest in the world – returns soon. PS As a London East-Ender, I would definitely try omlette and eel.

  2. Thank you for everything you do.

    • Hope you carry on feeling better, sounds really awful. Best wishes and thanks again for all of your hard work bringing us news

  3. Keep feeling better. We miss you.

  4. I’m delighted to hear that your health is improving.

  5. Great to hear you feel better and also loved your humor. News can wait no worries (be ensured that I will not learn flow-less Greek in the next month 😉)
    Please rest and get well soon.

  6. Poor you, you really got that covid bad!! So good to hear you are, at least, a little better! Hope for a speedy recovery for you from now on… To get better food and a lot of water is always important, in whatever form…. And a lot of love from cats 😉
    Miss your news and intelligent PS’s so much! Take care and I hope your tastebuds will cooperate again soon 🙂

  7. Περαστικά! Take it easy and don’t rush back into action or you will take longer to get well. We will miss your excellent blog but we will wait!

  8. I’m glad you are healing. The “rundown” of your physical experience is very interesting and helpful to understanding what many stricken people are (still) going through with this virus.

    That you “had” to step back from writing KTG is good thing as you can reflect how consuming writing such an excellent blog can be. I appreciate your effort.

  9. Glad to hear that you are getting better.

  10. So glad you are improving… And so interesting about your taste changes! The first Greek I have heard of who voluntarily eats non-Greek cuisine, especially Chinese!! 😁 I have some Greek friends who occasionally indulge me and have something spicy/foreign for my sake, but for you to actually want it yourself! 😁 Enjoy, and I hope you feel fully better soon

  11. I’m Delighted to hear that you are on the mend.
    Take care.😊

  12. Welcome back! Continue with chicken soup, lots of black tea (no sugar), hot lemon drink with honey and a splash of whiskey, a few. Paracetamol pills, something to get angry about and you will be back to full health in no time ☘️🌹

    • no black tea, lemon only in soup and yes, occasionally craving for a Drambuie but me thinks I’lll die on the spot if I really drink one.

  13. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. No need to rush back to reporting the news. As far as I can tell virtually nothing of importance is happening in the world right now. Perhaps everybody has packed up early for Christmas?

  14. You have a good positive attitude, well done and keep fighting !!! Wishing you all the best.

  15. Wonderful .
    So pleased you are improving.
    A huge thank you , have missed you .
    Do not over do things and have a great Christmas.
    Take care .

    Ps yes to the omelette !!

    • great! our second customer

    • Good to hear you are on the mend. You are my best channel to Greece and I always use your articles for Swedes who are friends of Greece. Cheers to you and best wishes from me!

  16. Keep on getting better. Covid is everywhere. And you probably needed all that sleep.
    Have you tried adding citrus?
    Περαστικά απ’τον Καναδά

    • lemons in soup and 1 orange per day

    • So pleased you are feeling a bit better. Hope you will be fighting fit soon. We’ve missed you a lot, no news and personally added comments from Greece while we get soaked daily in the UK !

  17. Περαστικά!! By the way, your traditional Greek family is right. You need to eat plenty to keep up your strength and get better 🙂

  18. Thanks so much for the update on how you are doing, KTG! I’m so glad you were feeling well enough to share that. (When I “had it” last fall, it took 3 weeks to have enough energy to do anything besides make tea/soup, sleep, and re-read old John Grisham novels.) Lovely idea with the meze café (but I’ll wait for the second item on the fantasy menu. I can’t with eels, but am happy for those who can.)
    May your recovery continue, taste buds recover completely, and you feel well enough to find fun and joy in the coming holidays!

  19. Apart from the terrible fatigue, not being able to taste coffee must be an absolute nightmare! Take care and get well very soon.

  20. Thank you for your news, happy you are getting better!! Your KTG work is very precious, it is helping so much to get news from Greece, as well as some cultural inputs sometimes, recipes or ironic comments at the end of some articles 😉
    Best to you, get better soon, and thanks again for all your work.

  21. Hope you feel better soon and taste comes back to enjoy the Greek kitchen once again!

  22. We missed you. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Hope you get your taste back soon.