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15-month-old baby boy dies of influenza after hospital turns it away twice

A 15-month-old baby boy died in Ptolemaida, western Macedonia, after a few hours it was admitted to local hospital with very high fever. The parents had already brought the baby to the hospital twice in previous days where it was tested positive to A strain of influenza.

Doctors administered anti-fever drugs and sent it home claiming that “his poor health would put him at greater risk in hospital of hospital-acquired infections,” Skai TV reported citing a hospital position.

According to Mega TV, the parents brought the baby boy to the hospital as it had 40-degrees Celsius fever on New Year morning. Doctors diagnosed a severe respiratory infection, gave him anti-fever drugs and sent it home.

Back home, the health condition of the boy worsened and the parents took it again to the hospital next morning.

The family told media that on January 2, the baby was readmitted to the hospital as the fever did not subside. There, it was administered again drugs against the fever.

The doctors urged the parents to go home, however, there the baby’s health worsened, so they transferred him to another hospital, the Bodosakeio, where he he died  4 hours later.

In an statement, the Bodosakeio hospital said that the baby was immune-suppressed due to chronic health problems and its transfer to the ICU of a hospital in Thessaloniki was not possible.

The hospital does not waste a single word on the fact that the baby died.

An autopsy on the baby was conducted on Wednesday, the results of toxicology and histology tests are expected in the coming days.

The management of the Hospital has ordered an urgent administrative investigation for the reasons that led to the death of the 15-month-old baby boy.

The baby was buried on Thursday in Albania, the country of origin of the parents, who are reportedly are determined to seek the legal way against the hospital.

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