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Chaos due to different VAT on coffee and non-alcoholic drinks

An unprecedented situation prevails in greece in the first days of the year with the different VAT charges imposed on soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea from January 1, 2024. The VAT charges depend on whether the drink is consumed inside -24% VAT – or outside the store – 13% VAT – , creating a chaos. media report on Friday.

According to a circular issued by the Independent Public Revenues authority AADE, a different VAT rate will be applied when the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages takes place in the shop and a different rate when outside or ‘delivery”.

So, if the customer orders a soft drink in a cafe and consumes it in the store, he will pay 24% VAT, while if he orders it as “delivery” he will pay 13% VAT.

Coffee, chocolate and tea things are clear until June 30, 2024, they will be subject to the reduced rate of 13%, regardless of whether they are consumed in the store or per delivery.

Reports on television channels have warned that some sneaky businessmen charge also 24% Value Added Tax also for “delivery” drinks.

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  1. You say this is in force from 1st January but then say that it is “clear” until June 30th.

    Can you make it a bit more “clear”?