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Meteorologists forecast second wave of cold weather with snowfalls

Another, in fact two cold weather fronts with snow and ice-cold northern winds is on the way to Greece and will affect the country over the weekend and the beginning of next week.

The first weather outbreak is forecast on Sunday, January 28, while the second one will hit the country on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Precise data are not out yet on thursday, January 25, however,meteorologists in the country have already published their forecast.

According to chief meteorologist of the National Meteorological Service EMY, Thodoris Kolydas:

✅ What we can talk about with “confidence” is the return of very cold weather after Sunday, which will be seen throughout the country next Monday and Tuesday.
✅For the future snowfalls – which we will have anyway in the east – for now we can inform you that these will occur in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas on the mainland from Thessaly and further south, as well as in Crete. The amount of snow, what exactly these areas will be, as well as the altitudes are still too early to determine and all depend on the movement of the cold air mass in the mid-troposphere (1st Map 500hPa). In the coming days we will be able to have a clearer picture, which we will convey to you through our forecasts.

Meteorologist at Open TV Klearhos Marousakis called the new cold weather front a “winter flare” forecast that it will last from Saturday to Wednesday, January 27-31.

He stressed that it will mainly affect the eastern continental parts of the country and the island regions.

The new passage of winter with sleet in the most coastal areas and snow in mountainous-semi-mountainous areas located east of Pindos, the first days of February will follow with higher temperatures.

He estimated that snow will also fall in the prefecture of Attica.

On her part, meteorologist of Skai TV Christina Souzi forecast a slight deterioration of the weather on Sunday and Monday, with a drop in temperature, stormy north winds and snowfalls in the Eastern Continental highlands and semi-mountainous regions.

Weather Forecast Friday, January 26.

Generally clear weather with a few clouds temporarily increased in the islands of the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese and Crete, where there will be a few light local rainfalls.

Winds will blow north-northwest 4-6 Beaufort, on the seas locally 7 Band temporarily in the morning in the Sporades area up to 8 Beaufort.

KTG will keep you updated when more precise data are out.

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