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Couple arrested for possession of big weapons, explosives arsenal

Police in northern Greece arrested a 54-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman for the possession of a big weapons and explosive arsenal.

According to police, a raid on their home in Florina on Monday afternoon uncovered 29 firearms, including three sub-machine guns, 72 kilograms of gunpowder, 95 ammunition magazines and 35,000 cartridges, among others.

Officers also seized 11 hand grenades, a homemade explosive device and other bomb-making materials.

Some of the weapons were old, state broadcaster ERT reported.

According to media information, authorities are investigating whether the couple was involved in selling and trading of weapons, whether the weapons were sold in Florina, to people in borders areas or even to criminals..

The couple reportedly owns a transport company operating also outside Greece.

While authorities appear to believe that the issue does not have to do with terrorism, the couple’s relations with far-right groups is being also under investigation.

The Florina Security Department, which is conducting the relevant preliminary investigation, is examining both the exact way and time of procurement of the weaponry, as well as the possible participation of the above arrested persons in criminal acts, local media reported.

The Anti-Terrorism and State Security Department of Thessaloniki are assisting in the investigation.

Some media reported that the couple ran or was affiliated with a shooting range in the area and were obsessed with weapons.

The two were taken to the prosecutor Tuesday noon.

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  1. pretty much everything in those photos looks the better part of 50 years old, and of course those shells are museum pieces, world war 2 era and all rusty, dented and beat up. even the ammo is discolored from age. While in greece it is so restrictive that most people have no knowledge of smallarms, in other countries where things are more reasonable, anyone even casually acquainted with the subject would see this stuff and probably laugh at it being called an ‘arsenal’..
    did those people actually harm anyone (with or without the weapons)?
    we need more reasonable legislation in this country.
    funny how gangsters do drive-bys spraying multiple magazines worth of rounds out in the street and the cops never seem to even have a clue who did it or bother with their weapons..