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8 neglected siblings admitted to hospital due to lack of welfare units

Even though they have no health issues, eight minor siblings were admitted to a public hospital by order of a prosecutor in Thessaloniki, due to lack of welfare structures.

The siblings, aged 7 months up to 13 years old, were transferred to the pediatric ward of Papageorgiou public hospital, the union of hospital workers POEDIN made known on Thursday.

The admission of the siblings has reportedly caused disruption in the operation of the pediatric clinic.

It is not know how long the children will need to stay in the hospital.

The children do not have any health problems, but there were complaints that they were neglected. As there are no appropriate Welfare structures to accommodate the siblings, authorities decided to admit them to the Papageorgiou hospital’s pediatric clinic.

The president of the Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals (POEDIN), Michalis Giannakos, denounced the admission and the disruption of the operation of the pediatric clinic, noting that the lack of welfare units makes the work of hospitals difficult.

“Eight minor children, one of whom is 7 months old and the rest are 5-7-8-10-11-12-13 years old, were admitted by prosecutor’s order yesterday to the Paediatrics Department of the Papageorgiou Hospital following a complaint from α neighbors about neglect,” Giannakos underlined.

He expressed concern about the operation of the pediatric clinic during the on-call period, especially with the outbreak of viruses among children, resulting in increased admissions.

Usual Practice

it is not the first time, we hear about underage children to be sheltered in hospitals instead of in appropriate welfare units.

Every day dozens of abused or neglected children are on a prosecutor’s order in children’s hospitals or hospital children’s clinics. They remain in hospitals for months due to insufficient number of welfare units.

“It is estimated today that more than 100 children with a prosecutor’s order are in hospitals for no reason related to their health,” the POEDIN president stressed.

“And yet dozens of accommodation places in welfare units are closed due to lack of staff,” he pointed out.

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