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Trikala: Son beheads father with chainsaw

A shocking crime in central Greece: a 46-year-old beheaded his father with a chain saw and attempted to cut his own head. The perpetrator had also tried to dismember his dead father, media reported.

It was the perpetrator himself who called the police Sunday noon, whereas it is suggested that he had killed his father on Friday.

Officers found the perpetrator and the victim in the family business store,

No further details around the crime have been published by the police.

The perpetrator was taken to the local hospital where is being treated under guard and remains hospitalized also on Monday.

The chainsaw, clothes and two mobile phones have been confiscated by police.

Speaking to media, relatives of the family said that the perpetrator was very closed to his mother who died a short time ago,

There seemed to be some tension between the 77-year-old  father and son after the mother’s death, the relatives told media.

They assume that the perpetrator will be taken to a psychiatric facility, even though no psychiatrist has examined him yet.

According to latest information by Mega TV, the perpetrator had some psychiatric issues and was under medication treatment.

“He was suffering from depression and was under treatment in the last 15-20 years,” the perpetrator’s aunt pointed out.

After the mother’s death, father and son no longer lived in the family’s home but in the store. The aunt did not know whether the perpetrator was still under drugs therapy but she assured that he was a “very helpful and sweet child.”

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